25 Oct

I will like to update the list of TV shows I follow because some things have changed.

First I want to start with shows I no longer watch.

Sons of Anarchy: Last season ended in a low tone for me…  there were good moments in the season but it did not deliver at the end. Story is falling  so I am leaving.

Private Practice: There are limits to quality writing, this never achieved it and totally lost me… what was I thinking!

Desperate housewifes: Cancelled and it ended lukewarm as the series.

House: Soft end to a show that re-defined character acting and medical shows… very missed.

And based on the start of the season and episodes aired so far I nominate my Top 3:

3. The Big Bang Theory … Real comedy…

2. The Good Wife… Better than ever, this show knows how to do it!

1. The Walking Dead … We are all infected!

Next month I will update Cheap Thrills and the top 3 as a whole ( things might change in quality so it is good to keep things in perspective), specially  adding shows I am evaluating, believe it or not, apart from Fringe, there are no other shows that might get prematurely cancelled and I need to give  new shows a chance.

Results may vary

PS: I do not have free time… but somehow I manage to squeeze all these shows in!

By LaTrosa

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