Last Century – The Green Mile 1999

20 Oct

Probably the last time Tom Hanks made a movie worth praise.

Not only because of him, but because in general it was difficult to find a movie were he was not the center of attention, The Green Mile gathers such an incredible performing talent in combination with writing and directing that Tom Hanks looks like just another dude in the movie.

I see the evil in you , and I love you all the same!

This movie was and still is one of the best made, they don’t make them like this anymore, the storytelling and the period films are very interesting and captivating, I am sure there is so much to discover or to adapt…  they even have the secure audience, so I wonder why they just don’t make more of those, and stop with the excessive prequeling, sequeling,  spinoffing!

You know you are going to die, you know when, wrongly accused and considered extremely dangerous, and the only thing you can think of is to do good to others and to touch in a positive way the lives of the ones closet to you… BRILLIANT!

Miracles, faith, forgiveness, social stigma, justice, all gathered under one roof, dancing together and moving the carpet under you!

If Stephen King (writing god) sticks around longer in this planet with us, we would be safe from lame and uneventful movies.

A delight, captivating and complete movie, which happens to have Tom Hanks in it.

By LaTrosa

PS: Earlier this year we lost Michael Clarke Duncan, he was the central pillar of this movie, carried it with quality acting  and gave one of the bests character performances I have ever seen, R.I.P, you will be missed!


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