Last Century – The Truman Show 1998

7 Oct


The 20th century was nearly over, and this movie was preparing us, our brains and our ears, to the amount of “creativity”  waiting to explode in front of us in all kinds of media for the century to come.

I want my next birthday party to be sponsored by BMW

The Truman Show, is a movie where individuality, exploitation, morals and respect for other peoples´s lives are incredibly compromised for money,  entertainment and ratings.

Sounds familiar? don´t despair,  you can always just turn the TV off, log off Facebook, read a book and do some sports, but you can´t do that can you?…

The Truman Show is clearly putting on the spot all the people involved in entertainment who have no problem with showing audiences some pretty messed up stuff, the life of people, which believe me, should stay a mystery.

This movie stars Jim Carrey who surprised us. You see, back then he was this huge comedy actor making funny fart jokes, and then BOOM comes Truman, he showed us he could act and hold a movie without over reacting. His character was so likable that I can only hope at least 1% of the current “reality” shows have a charismatic and candid person involved.

I found also there are some very nice action sequences, and they help ease on the drama and the really heavy undertones, and give the movie a dynamic pace.

This is a classic film that has more than one message, look at this: Even if you are being watched, manipulated and basically surrounded in all fronts, you can never let your guard down, because, that thing inside of you that guides you, that tells you there is something better is no allusion, is real, and you have to make it happen no matter what.


By Latrosa



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