The Pirates! Band of Misfits

4 Oct

I use cartoons and animation as medicine… a therapy if you will, complete surrender to whatever they bring to you…

Besides I am also actively avoiding  the review of  a certain last installment on a trilogy … (I don’t wanna)!

We are evil…very…very…much like to party too!

The Pirates! Band of Misfits, the adventures of a group of people, which on top of being pirates they are unbelievable awkward, that makes it funny!

It is a non complicated tale of people seeking recognition at all costs, clashing moral valueswith society stigma, pretty serious stuff if you ask me, for a child I mean, but great for educating.

The voice characters were pretty on the spot, specially Hugh Grant, he was impressive as the loopy captain on a very amateur ship, and the ensemble of characters created a very believable band of misfits (pun intended).

We can’t forget people behind Pirates are the same behind Chicken Run.. enough said.

It is a likable film, very entertaining, filled with drama and good honest funny moments.

Oh I almost forgot, I really loved the soundtrack… very creative and not invasive… very good indeed.

If you want to put your brain into standby mode and simple enjoy anything with popcorn… This film should be part of it!

PS: Evil Darwin…genius!

By LaTrosa

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