Fall TV – Ready, Set, Go

3 Oct

So, as we all know, we are back at the beginning of  TV season and some of the shows I follow have started, boy am I pleased!

First off I will remind you I don’t do re-caps, I just mention some of the most interesting stuff..,  second, I am finding a 24 hour day too short for all the things I want to see and write about so, the shortest the better for us busy people.

It gets better!


The Good Wife: two words – NATHAN LANE!

Dexter: … Are you a serial killer?…yes!

Greys Anatomy: No more McSteamy 😦

Once Upon A time: Hi grandpa prince charming!

Fringe: Resistance is futile!

How I Met Your Mother: How NOT to meet your mother… EVER!


By Latrosa


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