Men in Black 3

2 Oct

Men in Black 3D?

I am not sure it makes any difference whether this film should be seen on 2D or 3D, I just have mixed feelings on this one.

I make this movie look good! or not!

And don’t get me wrong, MIB is a cool easy franchise with a very likable theme, funny situations killing aliens awesome guns and a standard evil vs good story…  somehow things did not add up this time, I mean, 10 years can take its tall on a franchise…

…not on Will Smith.. the guys is not aging… not a day older than 10 years ago, I need his secret 🙂

First off, from the get-go I felt the melodramatic atmosphere was way too heavy, the whole thing about secrecy and Agent K‘s deep feelings were too staged compared to the secrecy MIB handled in front of the common people.

The curse of the sequel strikes again (here is looking at you Matrix reloaded).

MIB 3 was lacking a spinal cord, there was nothing memorable throughout (here I can say that the evil alien was pretty cool but not enough), the pace was off, the humor was random and agent J was floating from scene to scene leaving Josh Brolin alone carrying them with the best poker face in recent history.

So I am not sure if I liked it or did I let the decent special effects overcome for the bad editing, or am I a movie romantic and just let myself go.. I don’t know, I am confused…

But, it is watchable if you don’t have huge expectations..and if you write a movie blog 🙂

By Latrosa


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