Last Century – GoodFellas – 1990

30 Sep

I think if anyone gets to criticize movies of this caliber should have some big balls.

luckily in my case, I don’t criticize, I just share what I think…

You can’t tell if I am joking or not!

I think this movie is brutally honest, masterfully adapted true story and cleverly directed by Martin Scorsese… this, along with some amazing performances… you know where this is all going.

Mafia is part of our everyday lives, (Brooklyn seems like a very logical locale for the film) we interact with it sometimes inadvertently but we all seem to understand it more after watching a gangster movie, Personally take them as a historical reference point with a bit of education, fascinating.

We follow closely the self-destructive behavior of someone who grew up idealizing a mobster family, getting to know them and helping them thrive with a lot of criminal talent….. and then, he snitches out, you need a cold heart and big balls to pull this off, I am surprised he did not get whacked earlier in the film, then again, the idea is to beat the system… so he did!

GoodFellas is that classic movie where you get to experience first hand how difficult is to be part of a family (in organized crime or otherwise), and adding to that stress you need to learn like a gazillion names of relatives, and probably in the future, you ‘ll need to kill them too.

Great film, it is violent and raw, pretty much like the book, pretty much, and I can only guess, like real life.

By Latrosa


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