Funny People

25 Sep

So I am back from a very long business trip, no TV no movies, no nada… just pure human interactions (business interactions) and decide to watch a  movie while I unpack…. so… I ended up watching this film.

DO NOT make fun of your doctor!

Funny People is a sad/funny movie, it is not a comedy, it is not a dramedy, it is a drama, it shows the way to mask your sad reality with jokes, dark jokes, giggles, or smiles.

And this movie did not do well, not because people were getting tired of Adam Sandler (this might be the last good Sandler performance if you ask me), it is because it has a misleading title and a misleading slogan (it is like saying, come and watch Game of Thrones, the musical)… Because this is a pretty decent movie experience!

In a movie not about second chances, but about the not-too late we get to see Judd Apatow’s perfect combination of actors (Eric Bana…) who share an incredibly chemistry, they all live a normal life despite their challenges and shortcomings, funny thing is, they all  get to experience a very rare moment in life,  a virtual scenario: what if life had turned out differently, whatever I did in the past can be forgotten and I am not afraid of what can happen in the future, a possibility must of us will love to have without a secret agenda or a price to pay.

And this film, perfectly written, without overreacting on the moral agenda and the “I am dying scenario”, entertains more than you would expect, considering the lack of ROFL moments, it is a film you would not expect.

It is nice to see Seth Rogen as a slim boy, but, I am not dying about it!

As a lesson I can say that a  health scare can really mess us up, so lets keep healthy people!

By LaTrosa


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