Old Century – Three Colors: White 1994

11 Sep


I wanted to…. I really tried… it was my plan to watch the trilogy and be one of the millions of people who have…


My life sucks, I should have stayed in bed… in my country!

Boy this movie was getting on my nerve,  I waited longer than my usual 15, I doubled that… and I had to stop…. Things were happening in some weird peace, happening for free.

Look, I know this is a classic and there is a huge following, but, White is weak, kind of rushing the immigrant case and Karol’s specific situation… I was not liking it… I was not buying it.

I am usually a sucker for a heartbreak, one-sided, potentially comical separation movie, but this was not the case for me.

I blame the acting, not really selling it, so 30 minutes is all I could hold, even if  there were some scenes connecting to  the trilogy which in a very tiny way intrigued me, but not enough…

So here is hoping RED is better… 😦

Three Colors: White… not a lost cause  for me…

By Latrosa



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