The Five-Year Engagement

2 Sep

And I give to you my friends 4 Weddings and a Funeral oops sorry…. 4 Funerals and a Wedding!

And that is a good thing.


In a very Judd Apatow (producer) style, we get inundated by funny situations from the get-go, only for things to start getting very serious and then funny-coated sad moments take over.

I want to be very honest here, as a movie it has all the elements of a rom com you know about, the difference here is that you are not quite sure you need a happy ending (spoiler alert) when you get the happy ending, you feel normal, as if it was justified.

It touches deep relationship matter that most of us grown-ups don’t even want to get close to, like sacrifices, priorities, relationship foundations, honesty, truth… we rather spear people´s feelings for the greater good, and sometimes that good is not the best option.

The film has a some unnecessary nakedness here and there sponsored by Jason Segel (who also screen-writes), product placement thanks to Skype with a product nobody wants to buy, and some editing glitches, but in general I was satisfied with the movie, an unexpected twist to an otherwise almost dying genre.

It is recommended for people unemployed and under employed, recommended for people with doubts about basically anything, and people with communication issues.

So many things can go wrong when sh&t is not out in the open!

The Five-Year Engagement… enough is enough!

By LaTrosa


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