The Dictator – 2012

26 Aug

I am not quite sure of what was going through my mind when I started watching this movie, but now I am really questioning my decision-making abilities.

But in all fairness I needed to watch a movie, and I give every single movie a chance, besides, I am as capable of watching a dumb movie as the next person.

Hair removal has never been so important!


Funny bits here and there but nothing of the level of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s earlier over-the-top crazy work, this time he wanted to give us a lesson in stereotypes and the over indulgence of what we know about democracy.

It also sounded like a manifesto or a protest against the morals behind a bunch of political and social habits, so basic in our daily lives, that it seems unrealistic to question them in the background of mockery.

So unless Sacha doesn’t want to turn into Adam Sandler he should pick up his game and try harder, because his character movies are loosing strength and he is a very pleasant actor to watch.

The Dictator is just a movie who fails to deliver the consistency needed in a comedy, with a cast that can potentially make a very decent movie under better circumstances.

If I had a rating method (maybe I should) I wouldn’t give it much stars…. but if I was under the influence (maybe I should be) I would have given it a lot!

By LaTrosa

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