Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

16 Aug

There are a couple of dudes in this planet who know how much I hate war… I don’t get it, I despise it, simply a waste of people’s energy.

The integrity of our bodily fluids is at stake!

Still, this movie gave me a different perspective, a realization that a world in paranoia is a world with a death sentence and that war is just a simple distraction mechanism from problems far deeper in the countries involved.

This movie is very funny AND VERY SERIOUS, Peter Sellers was an incredible and versatile actor, watching him is a blast, and the characters he plays (spoiler alert) are so different and so him, that you really think they are separate actors.

Stanley Kubrick created for us to enjoy  a well masked parody of a stupid war, an intelligent mockery of the cold war… a very good hint of the level of seriousness he as a director wants to make and the depths he wanted to touch.

Dr. Strangelove, shows how fabricated and pointless wars are and the kind of “sanity” some of the decision makers manage.

THEN the first true thing  I have heard in years reaches me … ” War is too important to be left to politicians…” In this film, in a very entertaining way, we get to see how disturbed career army man can be, if left without action! (no offense)

And thanks to the Dark Knight I realized how common is for people to fight each other, even knowing we are on the same team.

I will like to acknowledge and honor every single person on earth who have lost their lives fighting wars with no logical explanation and will like to close my review with another quote from this amazing film:

…”peace is our profession”

By Latrosa

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