The Dark Knight Rises

12 Aug

It makes me sad to watch this trilogy go, but on the other hand, Mr. Nolan‘s brilliance delivered a well-balanced farewell to a very complex and troubled character.

You have my permission…. to be awesome, forever!

If I say that I had as much fun as in The Avengers I will lie, and let me explain:

Contrary to the Avengers, a funny action flick, In The Dark Knight Rises, a real low point has been hit, Batman did not have the means or the motivation to fight for the good of the city, and that is real DRAMA PEOPLE! and when there is a heavy load of drama, mixed with the right amount of humor, the action-adventure film turns into complete cinematic perfection.

The script was brilliant considering the pressure to deliver the last installment to the trilogy, and tough it went a bit long, – justified if you ask me -, at the end you get that feeling that it is over, but not forever, and the perfect continuity of the important elements were kept, I am talking about, Gotham, its people, the unbelievable evil and the partially useless government! (oh and ROBIN)

I don’t think a geek like me would ever say anything bad about one of the best trilogies of all time, and in all fairness, the action adventure film a lot of movies should have to live up to. Loved it, felt it… I cried a little!

It took me a while to see it because I was refusing to believe that the time had come, it was worth the wait.

Now I can go and watch the first two just to round things up!

Oh, and don’t forget, this is a comic, and we can squeeze the juice off comics as much as we want!

By Latrosa


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