Friends With Kids

8 Aug

Friends With Kids is a soft movie myth busting relationships!

Kids and freedom and happiness will never be together in the same room? we will have to see… and the movie is clearly trying to show is that the alternatives are few but they exist!

You wanted kids… not explosive diarrhea!

This is a nicely paced sometimes funny movie with very serious undertones, touching the lives of the 30 – somethings with growing families, and the way the handle the overwhelming change they endure.

So many things we can talk about relations and how women fall in love first or how men tend to handle things with a more pragmatic approach, but one thing is certain, and this film touches it very swiftly… Relationships are hard and people with balls need to handled them!

Because, in this reversed Knocked Up scenario, timing is everything, paying attention to what happens to you is so crucial and taking things for granted is our worst mistake!

This is a very enjoyable movie for most of the time, and the script was grown up and sharp, and kind of revealing in some cases.

All I can say is (not forgetting my deep need to analyze things)… Life flashes by, and the opportunities we miss are more that we can count, let us not forget the now and what we have in front of us, because loosing that, is a bitch!

Take a look at this film, some of you will relate!

By LaTrosa


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