Last Century – Total Recall 1990

2 Aug

So, Total Recall, the remake, is a fact on cinemas… and you never stop wondering… was it necessary?

The answer is to watch them both… and more specifically the original…

I’ll be bak… oh wait…

Kissy kissy movie ( a bit) …. and I forgot how gross it was to see Arnold kissing someone… GROSS!

Besides that, the movie is a fun action film, with the futuristic proposal where we could go to Mars as easy as Acapulco, unfortunately for us, in the future and in any planet, color and fashion will shine by their absence. (the 90’s were very confusing times), not to mention that in every planetary occupation lots of innocent people will die for the greater good.

The movie had, for its time a very good combo: A big movie star, the Sci-Fy genre and a decent story line, (here is hoping the remake delivers anything similar  without overreacting on special effects).

The story is simple and known by all, the memory loss hero looking for the truth… formula that works and keeps producing in most cases good cinema.

A couple of things I found interestingly funny:

Removing a ping-pong ball out of your nose…

Chucky‘s alien lost brother was part of the cast

The hologram fight scene… here unfortunately we get to see Arnold’s acting limitations in full glory.

So, dear all, go take a look at this movie before the new one… just to know what in hell was this all about! and to know  how fun was to watch movies with Arnold in them!

oh and Arnold’s … “not anyMOAR”” brilliant!

By Latrosa


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