Casa de Mi Padre

26 Jul

This movie is so bad that made me laugh (a little)

We know Will Ferrell, and we all have allowed him to do whatever the hell he wants and we keep loving him and his quirky humor and his B movies.

Una cerveza por favor!

We cannot expect quality scripts or fantastic effects but we can expect huge commitment to what he and his cast want to create, in this case a mockery or a spoof of the latin american telenovela, the US – Mexican drug smuggling conflict, the western and SCARFACE.

I am sure that if all movies were originally intended just as creativity peaces or expressions of who the makers are as artists, this movie would never be made, it takes just a sitting down with a bottle of whiskey and this movie is a fact, there is no other explanation.

Intentionally made gag moments, with low-fi sets and one of the most annoying gringo speaking spanish accents I have ever heard.

I happen to speak spanish and my migraine exploded! if that was the intention, mission accomplished.

If you are into movies, like me, you should watch everything, good or bad… this movie should be no exception.

So as I’ve said, so bad it was funny!

By Latrosa



2 Responses to “Casa de Mi Padre”

  1. AndyWatchesMovies July 26, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    I like a good dumb comedy every now and again, I’ll try to check this one out!

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