Last Century – Fried Green Tomatoes – 1991

24 Jul

Oldie girly movie! a film characterized by good acting (ignore the bad southern accent of a couple of people!)  and a very decent book adaptation (except for some flaky moments).

This is not a cooking movie!

A current story of an unhappy, sentimentally abandoned, underappreciated in a routine marriage woman (this movie theme is becoming popular) connecting with an old woman who tells her the story of love and friendship between 2 women…  this alone might be solving the bad husband dilemma? maybe?

The film shifts from an era where tolerance and respect for other people were hard to find, to another where people who care were hard to find, so basically, we were not or will be not, better off.

The dynamism of the movie and the flow of the story make the movie easy to watch as well as giving it a good balanced humor injection, because it needs it sometimes, there are moments were it stalls and you think nothing is happening, but in general it is very pleasant movie experience.

Another thing worth mentioning is a couple of quotes that some people might find useful, for instance:

” A heart can be broken but keeps beating just the same” or “I am too old to be young and too young to be old”

All in all, Fried Green Tomatoes is a movie about friendship,  and the things you do to preserve it, not to mention how women seem to power each-other so much that get their groove back in fabulous fashion.

By LaTrosa


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