23 Jul

I will try to avoid spoilers because this is a fairly new movie, so in short…


This movie is A M A Z I N G

You will be surprised the things you can do for people you love!

Every year technology and creativity have wild sex and create a magnificent piece of animation. Brave is that child were attention to detail and a very grabbing and surprising story are in perfect balance.

DID YOU SEE  The hair..WOW… that red hair… perfection!

Well, lets calm down… The story is a lesson targeted to teens out there who want to break “free” from their parents and think they’re better off on their own… And boy are they wrong! Not only being a teenager is hard in itself (ask me about it, I was a piece of work), I could only assume being parent to a teenager doubles that!

I really appreciate not including current popular culture references a.k.a “the Shrek factor” (I came up with that), so the movie was period, and stayed there!

An action filled movie, funny, mature and true to a Disney-Pixar animation, Brave will be in my favorites for a while.


Mothers beware, your under 6-year-old should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT watch this movie!

Why? ignoring the mother/child fighting, you can see a nasty nightmare inducing monster.

Consider yourself warned!

By LaTrosa


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