Martha Marcy May Marlene

15 Jul

Never underestimate the value of recognizing bullshit!

Otherwise, you will end up in real trouble….nobody wants that.

I’ll be out for a while, I will comeback after I screw myself up!

This drama, is a wakeup call, (and a ring into my paranoia) about how vulnerable women are, specially when they are left alone.

Men are not exempt here, lets face it, very weird men are always behind crazy cults, or following one.

This movie shows the struggle of a woman, young, naïve, alone, looking for a family, and finding it, only to discover that you can only push luck that much.. because nothing comes easy… or free.

She runs away, great, but, she needs to seek shelter and reconnect with her estranged sister,  as sad as it might seem, running towards her looks most of the time as the last option she considered… that is not a good start.

The movie gave me the chills 70% of the time, and kept me hooked, the other 30? I give to Elizabeth Olsen‘s  magnificent acting, she is a natural, and nailed the performance.

I kind of like movies with this simultaneous past/present story telling style,  they  make me watch the movie and pay attention so I wont miss anything.

Martha Marcy May Marlene, is a thrilling drama with heavy coating and a cute indie style that keeps it real.

But don’t think too much into it.. .that’s my job!

I recommend it, specially to parents… of teenagers!

By Latrosa


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