25 Jun

This movie suggests to “live your luggage behind”, this, could never be more metaphorically true.

In adversity, and when we are down we know who is valuable in our lives, who will go the extra mile, who won’t bail out, jump the ship, say sayonara sucker!

I want to go around the world but with you!

We see how, as normal people, who choose to share our lives with someone else, tend to find refuge, reassurance, blind trust and support in others, to an extent where we can’t even realize a huge insecurity and search for other people’s acceptance.

Looking for that approval, we will sometimes fall into situations, blinded by the wonderful things that suddenly happen, but ignore, deep inside, our deeper problems waiting to be solved.

We all look for that thing, which will make things better, but we forget that, sometimes it’s just in front of us, we just have to take that leap of faith, step together out of the box and fight for what is right, for both, only then, we will leave our luggage, get new one and start over.

And in this movie, funny and brilliantly made, a couple tries looking for the ordinary and find the extraordinary, it is a difficult thing, but it’s possible.

This film has a huge message jokingly hidden in the funny situations, that, alone makes it relatable, enjoyable and a good movie experience.

Besides, you can find a very rare case of chemistry with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, these two are amazing together.

A must watch, a cool movie, unpretentious, and fun.

By Latrosa

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