Last Century – Se7en – 1995

22 Jun

Blast from the past.

It is weird how I look differently at religion after pushing it against human behavior, because lets face it, sometimes religion is too complicated.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger?

Part of the “gifts we get” from religion however, are the things we cannot do, (please guys, not all of us posses common sense) thus, enter THE SINS!

7 things, we are suggested not to do, and in short they are  immoral, illegal and make you fat!  only the fun stuff!

The movie shows a young and scruffy Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman just being fabulous, chasing this guy killing sinners, a desperado, a serial killer and, in my opinion one of the most evil and twisted brilliant characters ever written.

A ride, a thriller that delivers until the end BUT once you get to the end you realize one thing… this movie is showing you “nicely” what will happen to you if you commit those sins… Won’t spoil because of my young readers!

David Fincher should be one of the wonders of the world!

And you should watch this movie again… for the first time…

By Latrosa

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