Jeff Who Lives at Home

15 Jun

Everyone gets lost looking for something that doesn’t want to find.

Comes that unexpected day when, when you were not looking for it, you find it, that thing that will make your life worth while.

Surprise, it was there in front of you all along, the simple things you refuse to see.

I am sitting here in my my couch waiting for something to happen!

This movie is not a Karma inducing movie, it is just the day in a life of someone who sometimes refuses to live.

A sadly funny movie that sparkles into the unbelievable and ironic, but keeps it real on the center by very relatable performances and clever scripts.

To all of us who still live at home with our parents (yes, yes some of us still do, don’t you live in this economy too?) this movie will not make us move out..relax, if anything, will make us stay FOREVER!

Everyone can identify with this movie, as all the characters are real, normal, and look like us, many of this things happen to you, or someone you know.

Who wants a Porsche? I know I do, problem is your wife maybe wants something else.

I recommend the film, it has to be one of those movies you want to see to balance your life.

By Latrosa


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