Game of Thrones – The void in my heart

6 Jun

It took me 3 whole days to come to terms with the loss of my favorite show… and it will annoy me even more now that I have to wait a whole year for a 10 episode season….  WHY?

My lord I have bad news!

All I know is that for whatever reason, second season flashed in front my eyes and it was AWESOME! So much expectation and anticipation, so cleverly and masterfully directed, kept us waiting for an epic fight and after we got an epic wipe we didn’t even care.

By now I can choose my side, my people, my king, who I hate and who I want to hang around with (here’s looking at you Jon Snow). This season was good, so relaxed and at the same time so much going on,  so many characters showed their true colors and at the end of the day, the good old intrigue will keep us hooked.


Great Acting, great show, great production… now… next season.. can it please be at least 13 episodes please??? where do I have sign!


By Latrosa


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