Blue Valentine

3 Jun

“How can you trust your feelings when they can disappear like that”

This is an unexpected movie, with su much struggle and pain, and good intentions.

We are taken back and forth from the end to the beginning of a relationship that was born from love in one side and desperation on the other.

Tell me what to do and I will do it!

Blue Valentine, is a movie that will never give you closure on the why your wife left you, or when did she stopped loving you, is a movie about  life in a relationship when one part is more attuned than the other, only one wants to fight but it swifts by hoping things will get better somehow.

How much rejection can anyone take? You sometimes wont realize that there is only person in the world who is willing to take you as broken as you are, but you, being dumb and all, will not appreciate it.

There is no way in hell we will ever know when and how someone is going to break our hearts, but, once you know the chance is high, you might want to keep the low profile otherwise it can all blow up in your face out of the blue!

Great movie, it is tense and sad but is not a crying movie or a kissy movie, is a real life love (story) movie, as close as you can get to a real feeling thanks to those magnificent performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

One thing I learned for sure from this movie, the choices we make help us built character but the choices others make will punch us in the gutt.

By Latrosa


One Response to “Blue Valentine”

  1. AndyWatchesMovies June 5, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    This is the film that really brought Ryan Gosling to my attention. Even though I loved it, I would struggle watching it again, it’s just so gut-wrenching.

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