Fantasy World – TV dreams and fairy tales

1 Jun

We know that TV transports us and makes us forget about the everyday, and every worry.

And nothing gave justice to TV’s mind getaway like the fiction genre.

After years of hanging by a thread we now know that Fringe will be saying goodbye next season, so hopefully it will end cleverly and with justice, because, it will be a shame all those universes to go to waste. Fringe has been one of my favorites, so creative, complex, with amazing characters and story line, never over indulging, maybe that could be one of the reasons it got cancelled…? it will be good if some other network saves it…

Once Upon a Time, is that new show, for the family, that as surprisingly better than the expectation, (no news there), very good actors and script, keep in mind that this show is reinventing the wheel, and, the important viewer needs to be hooked, and hooking someone with the same old thing is actually working.

Supernatural shook us up quite strongly this season, Bobby died, and then he died again… another epic fight sent Dean to purgatory and the Winchesters saved the world. good working day for me! Definitely looking forward next season, who the new evil will be… Wall Street?

Game of Thrones… you know I am a GoT addict, and i see only perfection there, this season gave so much insight on characters less than the actual fight, which was awesome!!! btw, So, next season, just for balance, more blood will be highly appreciated!

Special mention to The walking dead for a very strong season, where we ended up hating humans more than the zombies! and to Grimm, great storytelling and an amazing connection  between reality and fiction.


The show I might give a chance is…. drum roll to ….AWAKE



2 Responses to “Fantasy World – TV dreams and fairy tales”

  1. susana uribe June 5, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    comentando desde Mexico…. se ve muy padre el trailer de AWAKE…. vamos a ver si cumple lo que promete…

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