Last Century – Pulp Fiction – 1994

31 May

I can bet now that most of you will have a very hard time remembering what the hell happened in the happy year of 1994.

Specially when everything that happened (specially in my case) I better not remember.

Go ahead and quote me after this!

Mr. Tarantino, genius director, showed us how creativity, guts and music can make great cinema and immortalize sentences, faces and a quarter pounder with cheese.

This cult movie broke the mold in a couple of levels:

1. How important is to use music, not for mood but as an extra cast member, no other non musical movie has ever before or since achieved that in my opinion ( we will not include Tarantino movies in this classification for obvious reasons)

2. An actor will always have a second chance, as longs a good script and hunger are available. The careers  saved by this movie are irrelevant to mention, you know what (who) I am talking about.

A sheer pleasure to see, and you know that it never grows old to watch at a party (or to quote it in the worst possible moments), this movie is in your DVD collection, for a good reason.

When I drive, I look at people crossing at the traffic light, hoping one will stop and look at me… I will freak out if that ever happens, AND it will be so cool at the same time!

This blast from the past popped up today on my lunch break… and there is no way I will say no to a movie like this, ever!

Watch the movie again, you will discover new things, or new meanings to a couple of situations, because, lets face it… you don’t remember much about 1994, much less from this movie…. because you were high! 🙂

By Latrosa

PS: Nelson Mandela became president PEOPLE, that was important!

Curt Cobain left us here, all alone… that also happened in 1994 you guys!

PPS: I think I will add a new category…. 1994… the movies that year were nice!


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