The Drama ends!

24 May

Season Finales for Drama series are here.

And while some of them ended forever, some really left us hanging.

House is over, somehow I saw it coming after Cuddy left, the remaining season I saw him trying to be human? but he delivered at the end what he is capable of, the pranks and the way his friendship with Wilson developed, showed how important in his life were his team and his best friend, even more important than himself.

Desperate Housewives  (I consider a Dramedy), ended like it always did, women always get what they want and end up getting away with murder too. In a long run of ups and downs, a lot was talked about what goes inside closed knit neighborhoods, and what crazy stories are cooking! I won’t say they will be missed, all I wonder is… are they hirable?

Greys Anatomy ended one of the best seasons in my opinion, why? because they returned to the medicine balancing all those personal stories with real cases that kept it interesting, making it easy to feel shocked by the finale. Next season, hopefully, there will keep it that way, with more drama and Christina and Owen back together.

The Good Wife, well, this season was fun, not a lot of sexy time but Kalinda was awesome, and, opening the door to her past was very well placed. Now, Will the company bankrupt? will the evil Michael Keaton win? stay tuned.

Special mention to Dexter, who left the best cliff hanger I have seen in the series (after Rita’s death), Justified who better pick  up its pace next season because this one was pretty weak.


And what show I might give a chance?

This one



By Latrosa


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