The Matrix

22 May

Wake up and smell the flowers, and look for the first time their colors, your eyes will hurt because you’ve never used them before.

The Movie The Matrix ( the first one) was some sort of revelation to geeks all over the world, that conspiracy theory deep inside of everyone (of us), hinting that we were (are?) part of a much grater manipulation, whether AI or ET.

Go use your sunglasses indoors please!

Kind of opening the doors of the new millennium the movie came to our lives and basically took over, from funny references and quotes, fashion statements and really cool ass-kicking fight scenes, this movie is popular culture and immortalized Keanu.

The Matrix will forever be that iconic movie we want to see over and over to transport ourselves to that world were, well, we are not responsible for the crappy life we live, we watch it with friends because, only they understand that the guilty one is the Matrix that manipulate us and we watch it with our parents because it is fun to explain to them what the heck is going on!”

Raise your hand if you dressed like Neo NOT just for Halloween! and raise your hand if you saw the follow-ups and dreaded the second you bought the tickets.

Decided it was worth mentioning the movie, I saw it again last night, not in a language I can fully comprehend, it was hilarious.


By Latrosa


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