Season Finale comedy

19 May

The time has come and some of my favorite TV shows are nearing or have reached season finale.

It was all about family and commitment.

Some of the most difficult characters in terms of emotions got closer to a relationship  like Sheldon with Amy  and Howard got married in The Big Bang Theory, others got over their fears and realized they are meant to be together like Robyn and Barney  in How I Met Your Mother (belated spoiler alert).

In 30 Rock some very clear revelations were made, I personally laughed my ass off some pretty serious stuff about trust, fidelity, commitment and basic instincts.

What I think was a weak season for Modern Family, it revealed something quite unusual, it separated all the characters, like individuals, and gave them it’s own space, giving them more personality and teaching us the viewer more about each other.

What I noticed is that sometimes we grow tired of each other, and maybe we need time alone, without forgetting about our own support sistem, our family.

Special mention to Shameless and Californication who have reached a very adult and clever  way to show us how very full of crap we sometimes are!

Enjoy this clip below about the comedy I will (might) watch next.

By Latrosa

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