4 May


It is a shame that this movie did not receive fan love because it is pretty good!

Those few of us who got the pleasure to watch this movie will agree that is as fun as captivating and surprisingly, not CORNY.

Who is this girl, she has to be my friend!

Black ops, girl, betrayed, looking for revenge could be a very tricky topic to achieve, and believe me, we’ve all seen them fail miserably  (maybe that is why people ignored it on the theaters), this movie delivers and does it good, really good.

Or maybe because virtually unknown (OK fully unknown) Gina Carano, is not the top star everyone is looking for, but lets face it, we need a fresh girl that can take all those action scenes and roles in Hollywood, because, no one from Glee will be up for the task.

I was thinking that maybe, the director Steven Soderbergh will get people more excited, his last movies were not so bad (oh, never mind) still, this movie Haywire is a very decent vindication, he did a very good job, mixing the thrilling and the action with a story that sometimes reached the over explanation.

The whole cast was good, really, I did not feel embarrassed watching an actor not liking his job, another hard job to achieve.

And, you  have to agree with me, who doesn’t want to punch Channin Tatum in the face 🙂

Get to getting… watch this movie…. it is worth it, will glue you to the action, and will make you ask for more from Gina…

PS: Everything good you hear about this film is true! everything bad, probably true too judge yourself!

By Latrosa


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