The Hurt Locker

26 Apr

Oscar winner in 2008. enough said? I don’t think so…

I don’t like war, who does right? but this movie brings up front the empathy towards people who kill, and live in extreme violence regardless of the reasons why are they blowing themselves up.

The movie, follows a bomb squad in Iraq, half fiction, half reality, the deep conflict of a soldier, with a job that takes whatever you have left of love for your life, and juggles with it!

what wire am I supposed to cut?

It is a rare sight to see a guy with so much deep conflict, the responsibility to keep the city safe, the duty to represent the flag, and that deep addiction to the BOOM!

This guy loves  war so much that makes you think it is actually fun to be there, and if you had some basic survival skills you just might catch the next flight to Bagdad :-p (not)

When you sit and watch this movie there are no mysteries, no big questions, just a reality, a normal person, an actual situation, the here, the now, the inevitable, the risk, the adrenaline and the explosion.

This is a brilliant movie in all aspects, the direction was smooth and seamless, acting divine and writing the perfect blend of fiction and reality.

Catch up with it now and watch this movie, maybe again… did you think war was over? NOPE!


By Latrosa


2 Responses to “The Hurt Locker”

  1. AndyWatchesMovies May 4, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    When I first started watching this one with very little knowledge, I thought it was actually a documentary. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the film.


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