20 Apr

I have been reluctant for a while to write about UP, (this movie can mess you up), and only now, 4 years later, personal circumstances have brought new clarity to me about the movie, so I can talk about it now.

In the heaviest, most heartbreaking opening scene in cinema´s history, you can see your life, flashing in front of your eyes, perfectly animated.

All those things you never wanted to do!

Well, it goes “up” from there, reaching not so unbelievable heights.

In real life, we wait, we are plagued with fear of the unknown and refuse to try new things, or maybe just simply give up on trying because “if it did not work out the first time, why will it work now?” you will never believe the adventures you are missing on!

And just like that, the movie, like an oracle, gives us the answer, you know, that answer, the one in front of you… yeah… that one!

Risking the cliché, this move has an incredible sense of self awakening, the karma generated by your lack of initiative when you had the chance, how passive you spent the important years of your life next to the ones you love, and the hard work that comes after to fix all this.

It won´t be too late, it is never too late to do right, to look at your life and shake it, nobody is judging you, where there is love and respect, only support and good things will come your way, and all things are possible, you´ll see it in the movie, and in your life.

I am glad I still have the pleasure to see movies that are important, give value to the industry and give so much to you.

And make grown men cry 🙂

By Latrosa


2 Responses to “UP”

  1. AndyWatchesMovies April 20, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    I cried three separate times during Up and in the theater, no less. Absolutely brilliant movie.

  2. Heather Marie April 20, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    I cried so much in Up. Sad tears and happy tears hahah I was a mess! Such a fantastic movie 🙂

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