The Adventures of TinTin

16 Apr

I have read the Adventures of TinTin, and after watching the movie, I can say, this fell short.

This Spielberg/Jackson movie is true to who this directors are and their movie making vision. That itself, sometimes, is not good.

In general, the movie is entertaining by following the natural curiosity of a young man in his search for a good story, the aventure that comes with it is as natural as birds signing, creating a real action adventure movie.

Heads up, movie coming trough!

But, (there is always a but), that adventure and the action in the movie are so spectacular that reach to the far-fetched, (In some cases I felt that TinTin was not a Journalist but a James Bond wannabe).

The story, the character voices and the animation are in good synchronization, so what went wrong? TinTin himself, he was too cold, absent too, self-absorbed, I felt I was not supposed to relate to him but to someone else, and if I did not find him as my hero, then who did?

I will recommend this movie if I knew to whom, I am not clear who is the target audience.

Well, maybe to someone who wants to see a movie, just that.

By  Latrosa

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