My Week with Marilyn

13 Apr

Stellar performances characterize this movie.

This diary recount of Marilyn Monroe’s stay in Britain while filming a movie, is an unexpected insight of what we all knew but never heard from reliable resources about the star’s life, a close look at the pain behind the legend.

My eyes are up here!

How important it is to be surrounded by enablers when you have incredibly low self-esteem and incredibly high sexual power? VERY IMPORTANT, very dangerous.

During the movie we see the struggle of the star to move out from the “boobs” stereotype and into the real acting, all you see is a pulling from both directions, people wanting two opposing things from her, exploiting her insecurities.

But don’t get me wrong, she is not a victim either, she knew that as long as she made people believe she needed them, she will be surrounded, constantly, protecting her, creating that circus where people are worried for her, so she can feel good.

The movie is al about the performances and the story puts it in perspective, completing a mythical tale from one of the most beloved and complexes actresses.

Two things to note from this movie I found very clever: These are actual quotes from the movie.

1. “…when it comes to women, you are never to old for humiliation”

2. …”every man looks right at the start”

Pleasant viewing experience, nothing major.

By Latrosa

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