Everything Must Go (2010)

12 Apr

To rise again you must have fallen!

In this drama, (a short story adaptation), Will Ferrell perfectly shows us a path of self-destruction, a rude awakening and the hard reality  of a lifestyle that is long overdue.

The film was a discovery I was happy to make, casting and directing were on the spot, so I found myself generating real feelings of sadness, loneliness and loss. Enough is Enough!

I don’t think I have ever seen on screen a crappy life such as this one, and I don’t think I have ever seen an even bigger message of hope.

No job, no car, no wife, no money, quite simply your life falls apart in one day, and what do you do? lemonade? well, for starters, you should get a grip on reality, don’t panic, move on and stop the self loathing (this kind of takes longer than a few days); selling your old stuff, things that glue you to the past should be a good start.

We all have demons, and this movie clearly shows us that is not easy to get rid of them, specially when you are the only one that is getting hurt, and you are alone, (depressing I know).

Concluding, this movie provides the falling and a hint of the rising of us humans, could be anybody, because deep down inside, we are all good people, and deserve good things, even if bad things have to happen in the process.

Watch this movie and get a hint of a life you don’t want to have, or a life you don’t want to lose.

By Latrosa

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