Killer Elite

10 Apr

Or kill me RIGHT NOW!

No killer…No elite

Lord have mercy, why do bad things happen to good people. I am a good person, I recycle!

Or to good stories for that matter, because it is a good story, in theory, then gets, BAD.

I think this movie has, from all the horrible things that are included, 3 main disturbing realities:

Based on a true Story, the story of how the director was kicked out of film school.

1. If Robert De Niro is in the movie it means nothing! The guy is a god, but he can’t be so short on cash to agree to this kind of stuff.

2. If your movie is based in the 80’s MAKE EVERYONE be in the 80’s! confusing people with a back to the future feel is not nice.

3. Jason Statham cannot carry a movie! sorry but, he is non dimensional and superficial, you can’t relate to his characters.

Because of all this, the movie simply did not entertain, nor produced anything memorable, or, maybe yes, THE END (happy times)

Forget this movie ever existed, I am sure most of the actors involved also will like to forget! (Yvonne Strahovski please forget)

By Latrosa


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