8 Apr

Warning: This review is not yet rated.

It all depends on your level of maturity, or lack there of, while watching this movie, you might get the wrong idea.

And also, a warning for those who might think they found the replacement for their 9 & 1/2 Weeks VHS, go somewhere else.

Nothing to be ashamed of!

Shame is a movie were you get close to the VERY thin line between your addiction and your obsession, and how it might never bring you happiness and satisfaction.

But don’t go throwing away your Mickey Mouse kitchen ware collection just yet, as long as you have someone you can call from time to time, someone who won’t judge, you’ll be OK (whether you want it or not). This movie is also for coping with your own demons, the barriers you build to protect yourself and how those barriers stopping you to break free.

Dissecting this movie is not my plan, neither to go all Freudian on the character, brilliantly played by Michael Fassbender,  (physically and emotionally), I am simply trying to make a sexually overloaded man, sound less brutal.

Director Steve McQueen, puts NYC in the background, like a silent witness who keeps your secrets; he takes us on this journey to the darkest corners of sexuality, and as you get lost inside the maze, you know you are well taken care of.

This movie is not easy to watch, is heavy and graphic, to the point you don’t know how or what to feel, that spells good cinema in my book.

So, if you have not seen this movie, SHAME ON YOU!

By Latrosa


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