The Hunger Games

7 Apr

I did not read the book and I am not planning to, there are movies that should stay just like that, so you can discover by yourself what and how it happens, without expectations. (besides I am not a tween)

I didn’t expect to see a bunch of kids, killing each-other, for the sheer pleasure of an old, cranky, dictator;

Remember those karate lessons?

So I turned off the news and went to the movies (Joking :-))

All Joking aside, the above happens to be true but watching this movie I experienced 2 additional  things:

1. Dizziness. For some reason, the camera was all over the place, I think is clear, there is a sense of danger, of survival, rush, and Jennifer Lawrence was doing a good job delivering those emotions, no need to bring the fear so literally (on a different note, too much “big star” screen time).

2. Empathy. It has been a very long time since a movie leading character has everyone rooting for her from the very beginning without risking falling into the condescending void.

I think what made the movie fairly consistent throughout, was the combination of a strong lead character with a valid story, because no one was to be part of The Hunger Games, but chances are, you already are!

Now, don’t go occupy this or occupy that philosophical, it is just a movie. To quote my companion “We need corrupt politicians to keep exploiting us”

By Latrosa


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