5 Apr

I have been on the MMA (mixed martial arts) wave the whole week and to put an end to it I watched Warrior

Rocky meets Kick Boxer, meets The Fighter, meets The Wrestler… a sports movie with a soul, who doesn’t like them?

I punched you in the face... but I love you!

This action drama puts two brothers, sons of a broken family, facing each-other in an ultimate fighter competition; that alone is just the tip of the iceberg as the heavy background is the driving force behind the most brutally honest fights you have ever seen on-screen.

This is a very good movie and it gave MMA a higher, more sophisticated status. Sport Movies in the future should take a hint from this one.

Sometimes fights can be too rehearsed or the performances too weak, NOT IN THIS MOVIE!

There are quality performances from everyone involved, making the whole experience engaging, gripping or maybe just hypnotizing.

This is a movie to watch and keep watching, to keep your sanity, to teach you not to hold grudges, and maybe even how to get rid of one.

I recommend it, highly.

Go and get it on DVD or something.

By Latrosa


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