Last Century – Barbarella

4 Apr

I wanted to watch an easy, none-engaging, funny film, so I turned to the archives and found this low-fi, cult, adventure comedy from 1968, Barbarella. 🙂

Longing for a personalized astronaut striptease? now you’ve found it!

Know your manners!

Boy, was Jane Fonda pretty, she still is! Her portrayal of this over sexed astronaut is in a way inspiring with a hint of erotic, but hey, if you can find a better way to introduce yourself to intergalactic beings, be my guest.

Besides, right about now you should be closing all your bank accounts and donating your Ferrari, because when the time comes, Sex will be the currency.

For a low-budget comic adaptation in 60’s, it was decent, funny and sexy, what the hell, women are not the target of this movie (except for a certain flying fellow, girl eye candy).

So, as with all of the movies I watch , I’ve got a couple of things that got me thinking:

1. Hopefully, one day we will also have the museum of conflict.

2. Good old-fashioned manners (in this case sex), should never be forgotten.

By Latrosa


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