2 Apr

I have been waiting for the right moment to see Memento, it was today!

I have heard so much about the film that I was a bit scared that I wont be able to control my attention spans and miss the whole thing.

confused is an understatement!

Fortunately my concentration was on the spot and I managed to get into the maze Christopher Nolan wrote and directed, and really started scratching my brain on this one.

I don’t remember if I liked, enjoyed or simply got lost trying to figure things out before our hero did, all I can say is that it was dynamic and engaging and hell of confusing. Now I now it was so easy for Nolan to direct Inception.

I also kept thinking along, why if we just choose what to remember, and fix our stories so we won’t feel so bad, it happens all the time, our shot term memory can be just “ignored” so we can focus on grater larger issues. (who is that next to you in bed? remember?, I choose not to)

I am a fan of Guy Pierce, he was amazing in this film, relatable and honestly lost, looking for answers, or just simply trying to create new memories, healing the only way he can.

This is an interesting movie that you should watch if you have not yet, (is 12 years old).

But don’t watch it alone, you’ll need witnesses.

By Latrosa


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