City of God

1 Apr

This Brazilian movie from 2002 is a masterpiece and there is no other way around it.

There is a way to deal with violence.

I am sure this movie did not make it to most cinemas worldwide, and it is a shame, considering how brilliantly it’s made.

City of God / Cidade de Deus is based on a true story, in my opinion, the story of survival in poverty, where the lack of basic human conditions drives kids to a world of violence, a very common story if you ask me.

Actually not all of kids choose the path of violence, and our hero manages to take advantage of his circumstances.

The movie has funny moments (same moments help loosen the weight of the drama that this movie carries) and it’s also terribly sad.

To see the lives of so many young kids wasted, also watching corruption and silence go so deep into communities that need the most is frustrating, it gives me the documentary effect (camera work in some cases is similar) we must do something to help.

The use of friendship as means for survival is introduced at the same time as the concept of keep you enemies closer so you can kill them.

Watch this movie with [your] children, they can learn about things that happen to kids in other places of the world, they can start growing a conscience.

By Latrosa


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