Midnight In Paris

30 Mar

One of the best screen writers of our generation, also a gifted director who has, in my opinion, a supernatural ability to create fantastic stories and extend his creativity to put them perfectly on the big screen, ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Mr. Woody Allen and his latest creation Midnight in Paris.

That moment in time you never want to leave.

This film has all I love about movies, but the best of all is the moment when you forget you are just a viewer and prey to all the gods you can think of to be part of the story you are just watching, because is so much fun, and adventurous, (why was I not invited to this party)

We all have our favorite movie, favorite dish, favorite car, favorite cocktail, but you have never stopped to think your favorite era… BRILLIANT (and intriguing).

Impeccable casting, I really enjoy Owen Wilson sort of mini comeback, and the whole ensemble was really a joy to watch.

I know that right about now 90% of the population with access to movies has seen this one, so this one goes out to the 10% of those who have not.


Or go and see it again? why not, I might do that right about…NOW.

Take your boyfriend/girlfriend, watching this movie will help both of you to realize if both of you are in the same page, or decade, or century.

By Latrosa


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