27 Mar

You can sit down and watch a movie because someone told you it was good.

You can go to a restaurant because you read somewhere it has great food, you can decide which clothes to wear and what music to hear, pretty much on your own; but when you are placed in front of adversity, REAL adversity, how do you manage? the same way everybody else does during the same circumstances? or you just let things, get better on their own.

By now you know this movie is about cancer and a battle, but what you don’t know is that our guy seems to be oblivious about it, and everything happens around him, while, in a comedic way, everyone else in his life is fighting the big “c” with him. 

But this is a drama too and it gets pretty sad in some moments, because there is NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT CANCER.

Nicely paced film, director is amazing, clever casting, but who wins the most? THE SOUNDTRACK, people, it is great!

I am so glad I watched this movie, it is pretty much what I look for in the “dramedy” genre.

Watch this movie alone, so you can take a very good look at yourself and how you look at life, and how you appreciate family and friends; how much credit have you given them for their influence and their help?

By Latrosa

2 Responses to “50/50”

  1. curiousitykitty April 1, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    As I’m still trying to stop snivelling at this very moment (the DVD’s just come to an end), I won’t ramble on…You summed it up so nicely – it’s such a powerful and solid film. Few of us got through it with dry eyes, so if you’re like me, it may be wise to catch this film alone! You’re right, there IS nothing funny about cancer, but people really are hilarious. Definitely a film worth watching 🙂 Thanks for posting about this one!

    • The Popped Corn April 1, 2012 at 1:20 am #

      I was alone!
      Not nice to say it very often, but in this case, it matches 🙂

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