V for Vendetta

26 Mar

2006 was a relatively good year in movies (The departed anyone?), and the comic to movies movement was starting to take more ground.

V, could have been one of the great movies in my opinion, if you look around, you can see good reviews, and decent box office, but, as with everything, it lacked something, and here it goes, don’t hate, be open-minded:

A better leading actress, there I said it! Comic movies are not so easy to make

Don’t get me wrong Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses, and listening to her dreadful british accent killed me, slowly (her head shaving scene was pretty good).

A British film about a British graphic comic, could have used a TON of talented british actresses that could have given a more relatable performance, but hey, what can we do, it happens, we  can only begin to image what goes on in the minds of directors and producers while casting movies.

I was entertained, but could be difficult, it is quite dark & somber, some of the action scenes were decent, the story is timeless and relevant even now, and in general you might enjoy it.

Watch this movie with your bully, revenge is never the answer, but when it happens, it is very sweet. Take the mayor too now that you are at it.

By Latrosa

(and if I have to push for a remake, this is one).


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