TV Show countdown Part 2

26 Mar
Second installment, this group is a little bit more popular as a bunch. I am also thinking they might be too old!
“ This is one of the shows that started with a lot of hype, gave us the amazing NPH, and some good laughs to start Mondays but we need to get closer at finding that mother. ” – The Popped Corn

The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV Series)
“ Funny geek comedy, touching popular culture, but, it is getting kind of monotonous, and they need to do something with a couple of things: 1. Raj, 2. Sheldon. ” – The Popped Corn
Californication (2007 TV Series)
“ Heavy and raw, this show is funny and decadent, not for everyone, but still watchable, I can see the end coming, change has got to come. ” – The Popped Corn
Sons of Anarchy (2008 TV Series)
“ Motorcycle Club with some serious drama, amazing writing, and the stories are engaging, fun (and violent) to watch. ” – The Popped Corn

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