The Muppets

24 Mar

This is the movie I needed to see (for personal reasons, not relevant at the moment)

The story of a fan that brings back his idols, and helps them going back to the top; this is the story of Jason Segel, oh, no, wait, this is also the plot of the movie, bravo!

The Muppets, all grown up!

So fun and so true to what Muppets are about, but, with a touch of reality, they became more human, more real, removing the wall between men and muppet and blending. (men+puppet = muppet)

The resurrection of a legend that not only was missed but, under-appreciated for their contributions to our popular culture, and no matter how old you are, you will always go back to them.

Not to give away any spoilers but I have to point out 2 very clever things.

1. A celebrity is not people

2. Life is a happy song when there’s someone to sing along.

Watch this film with family and friends, they are your support system, your anchor and your accomplices, they expect the same from you.

By Latrosa

PS: I also have the feeling that we can count on Mr. Jason Segel to rescue us, the people, from remake mania.


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