21 Mar

We have to thank NYC for being the inspiration for so many movies (New Years Eve not included), viewers get to feel the passion and the searching for meaning that comes with falling in love with it and in it.

And is in this fantastic city that our interconnected stories take place, a group of friends giving life and love a chance.Walk if off!

We’ve all been there, thinking those years you spent wondering about what to do with your life were over, well buddy, news flash, THEY NEVER ARE!

This movie, an indie with semi-popular actors (premiered one year ago), manages to be very warm and candid, picking you up for a quick ride where characters are simply looking to be loved, but, finding dumb excuses not to find it.

For some people is easy, for some is not, you know, finding the answer but one thing is for sure, optimism is fuc*&ng exhausting!

This film  was honest in the script, and well put together it was enjoyable to watch, too sad indies don’t get the credit they deserve more often.

Watch this movie with your close friends, they care about you, they help you out, they love you, and if that’s not the love you are looking for, well, there’s nothing else I can do for you.

By Latrosa


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