The Artist

20 Mar

The big honcho of 2012 award season!

After my reluctant companion caved in, I got to see the silent movie that has everyone talking. (I need company to watch movies, but what can I do, I am a social being)

By now we know the basics, black and white, silent, but, once you see it you discover so much, I don’t know where to begin. Looks easy, but it is not.

This movie reminds me of Singing in the Rain, the similarities between Jean Dujardin (I have seen some of his movies very funny dude) and Gene Kelly are impressive, they look so much alike.

The back story is similar too; from rags to riches, boy meets girl, making it in the business, it has that aura, but, in black and white, and silent.

It is a fantastic experience to watch a  movie the same way cinema pioneers intended to… before progress, before, change, before speech, silent, you feel transported, I felt special (movie geek).

This movie, in a very simple way, transports you to those times, into the lives of the characters and makes you want to be there,  because it is so much fun.

There are very good moments, clever moments, but my favorite is the moment when our main character, subconsciously, includes himself out of the “talkies” BRILLIANT!

Watch this movie with people you are creative with, it’s important to have people around you that believe in you, and will also criticize you, so you won’t give in to fear and give up on your dreams.

By Latrosa


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