John Carter

17 Mar

Oh my lord is Cowboys and Aliens all over again. My eyes are bleeding.

So wrong, so pointless, so self indulgent.

I know for sure that there are truly talented people involved in this film, but sweet-mother-of-all-that-is-good, WHY, oh, WHY?

And this is why Martians keep ignoring us!

So many things are so obviously far fetched, and showing up for free, that its painful to watch; come on people, killing an alien with a civil war gun? what is this Mork and Mindy? (for those of you who think they’re too young to know who these people are, press the link).

What else can I say, this movie I won’t recommend, except if I want to apply revenge on the guy that made me watch Cowboys and Aliens ,oh, wait, I DID 🙂

Wait for it to be shown for free on TV, and you are bored, and the pizza guy is late, and you need to do the dishes, and finish homework.

Damn I feel robbed!

By Latrosa


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